At Franklin and Marshall College, Primary Recruitment takes place during the week before the start of the spring semester.

We strongly encourage you take part in recruitment and decide to join our incredible Panhellenic community!

Tips from our sisters! 

  • Be yourself! This is first and foremost.

  • Relax! We are all nervous but this is such an exciting process!

  • Bring comfortable shoes and dress for the weather! Sometimes the walks between parties are long and it can be pretty cold

  • HAVE FUN! - It is easy to get stressed and overwhelmed and at times emotional but remember to have fun, meet knew people and trust the process of recruitment! 

Recruitment is an experience where you get the chance to make new friends, explore yourself and your values, and, most importantly, find your home! Recruitment at Franklin and Marshall College consists of three nights, Sisterhood night, Philanthropy night and Preference night. Then comes the best day of the year, BID DAY!!

Sisterhood Night 

The first night of recruitment, we get to meet all of the amazing PNM's and introduce ourselves individually and as a chapter. We also get to share our values with one another! This day is the most casual day of the week, you will wear a shirt provided by your recruitment counselors,  think cute and comfortable!

Philanthropy Night

On second night of recruitment we get to share our involvement with the Ronald McDonald Charities, something we are passionate about and is just another thing that brings us all together as a chapter! We will also talk about some fun and exciting events we host on campus that raise money for RMHC!   This night is slightly more dressy than the first, so feel free to wear booties, boots, a skirt, casual dress or nice pants!

Preference Night 

 The final night of recruitment is Preference night. This is when you will make the decision on who you would like to come home to on Bid Day! This night can be emotional, exciting, nerve-wracking, or all three! You will get to know our sisters and their personal journey in ADPi and we will share a ceremony with you. This is the most formal of the three nights. 




On behalf of the Theta Lambda chapter of Alpha Delta Pi, we are incredibly excited about your potential interest in joining the Panhellenic community at Franklin and Marshall. Ever since I came home to Alpha


Delta Pi in the Spring of 2016 I am constantly reminded and happily reminisce on my amazing decision to join the Greek community. Going Greek has assisted me in gaining leadership experience, building close ties to the women in this community, engaging in eye opening community service and shaping myself into an overall more confident and empowering woman.  Because of Alpha Delta Pi I met strangers who became my friends and friends who became my sisters. The women in my chapter are there with me to celebrate our greatest successes, as well as support each other through the toughest of times. Being a sister of Alpha Delta Pi has given me a support system that will transcend my college years. I feel honored to be immersed in a group of women that are so different in thought and experiences, but follow the same motto, We Live For Each Other. Since 1851, Alpha Delta Pi’s open motto has been We Live For Each Other. Everyday on this campus my sisters and I live for each other. We live to support another on the field and the stage. We live to support each other’s philanthropic pursuits and academic interests. We encourage the woman in our chapter to be the best version of themselves and to strive to create women who empower others. My sisterhood has given me a place where I can always feel at home and always be accepted. I hope you all find a wonderful place in the Panhellenic community such as I have.


Sarah Silverman

Primary Recruitment Chair 

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